Small Groups


We have a number of groups of people that meet each week in members' homes and at the church. 

We believe human beings were created for community and that happens best in small groups. In our groups we know and be known, love and be loved, serve and be served, admonish and be admonished, celebrate and be celebrated! 

As you can imagine, this will be a process that we will never complete but continually work towards.  



Every second and fourth Monday at 3:30 PM we have a public prayer meeting in "the Upper Room" near the minister's office. All welcome. We begin with a catch up and short devotion followed by 20-30 minutes of prayer together. 

We believe prayer is at the heart of all we do (see Core Values here) so we encourage all members to participate whenever they can. 

Men's Breakfast

A group of men meet the last Saturday of the month and share together over breakfast before one of them has an opportunity to share a little of their life. Good food, fellowship and stories! 



Our creche caters for children during the morning service. There will be singing and a story most weeks. Parents can watch a live-stream of the morning service while they care for their children in the creche room. 

Pastoral Care Team

In 2019 the Session are endeavouring to obey Jesus command to love each other and care for each other by forming, equipping and participating in a Pastoral Care Team. 


All the active congregational members are being prayed for and getting to be known by this team. 

We are being guided by our reading of the book "God's Love in Action", written by Jill McGilvray, a Sydney Anglican. 


Among other things we are being guided by the acronym P.E.A.C.E. 

Prayer: Linking the person and the caring with our God

Encouragement: Drawing quietly alongside to support and encourage

Availability: Each carer has committed to be available if needed by people. 

Caring: Being "God's love with skin on" for others.

Example: Each carer is committed to personal growth in spiritual maturity. Not being perfect but allowing others to see and grow from our own struggles. 

"Men's" breakfast, with Meg Lachmund Wescott chaplain

24 Feb 2018